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The lines of this unique and inviting villa with an Arab-Andalusian architecture are reminiscent of the Iberian Peninsula.

The stylish tone from Northern Africa with a gentle blend with the Caribbean will transport you and transform your nights into a trip to the land of the Arabian Nights.
By night you will be enchanted by the geometric prisms projected on the whitewashed walls, a classic material used to build the traditional Creole house in the Caribbean islands, while by day you will be absorbed in your oasis by the blue and white mosaics of the swimming pool.
The terrace overlooks the town of Gustavia, renamed in 1787 by the Swedes in homage to their king Gustav III, its port and the neighboring islands.
Lucratively decorated with comfortable embroidered ottomans, where you will be served mint tea and Gazelles ankles nostalgic of Morocco.

Decorative arabesques, made to measure niches within the walls coated with traditional techniques from North Africa: tadelakt, pelmet, Moucharabieh…you’ll be inspired to play cat and mouse in this unique setting.



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