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Is it the heart, a piercing red, which overlooks the infinity pool? Or would it be the water whose blue appears as an exact replica of that of the Caribbean Sea in the distance?

There is a passionate love floating in the air of this villa, taking your mind from an idyllic escape to blossoming days of joy with the family.
Teak terrace, like an extended boat deck, embracing one of the most sublime landscapes with a view of the bay of St Jean; sunbathing to stretch out your legs for endless breaks in the shade of the palm trees, with private terraces adjoining the rooms to enjoy some privacy, outdoor dining room to continue enjoying the view until dinner time.

One of the strong points of the Panama villa is the additional studio – a bedroom with its kitchenette and a living room and its private terrace – allowing several couples to come and co-exist without necessarily following the same schedule.
To each their own pace (the villa also has a gym and an office area in one of the bedrooms), while offering the possibility of meeting in the spacious living room with large windows or enjoying cocktails at the bar for unforgettable moments of bonding and sharing.

Party or calm, why choose when you can get it all?



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